One of the best parts of growing up is extending your professional “circle.” As your list of contacts expands, you’ll soon have specialists to refer to friends when they need legal, medical or tax help among their common adult concerns. The next time you catch yourself going through the mental Rolodex and saying, “I know a guy,” or “she can help you with this,” remember how valuable having these people as contacts in your life is. It’s this reality that is one of the driving forces of Sure Card Benefits, an all-in-one discounting service that offers members the opportunity to benefit from steeply-discounted and often-used services.

Overall, signing up for The Members Card is a $10.95 monthly investment (with enrollment code) that will pay for itself over and over the more you use it. This simple card is what gets you access to the most cost-effective services in your area, as determined by your zip code. Think, legal consultation with affordable hourly rates and discounts for Rx, help with credit issues and more. By joining the Sure Card Benefits crew, you’ll also have instant access to free tax preparation services, affordable pharmacy plans and a slew of other bonuses that make life a bit less hectic. When we say getting your taxes done for free, we really mean it. Consider the fact that the national average cost for this service is $273 and the monthly price you pay for Sure Card simply makes sense!

Let’s consider the alternative for a second. While it’s true that you could join a dozen groups that are designed to offer you similar services, the pitfalls here are plenty. For starters, you’ll always need to have an account number or card on hand for each of these entities to prove that you’ve paid for their service. That can really weigh down a wallet or pocketbook. Those of us who are technology-inclined will say that we can log on to their websites to access our information, but we still need to be able to recall rarely-used log-in credentials. Trust us: That’s not an easy thing to do during an ID Theft emergency.

In today’s highly-mobile society, Sure Card Benefits has been customized to keep up with the times. By joining, you’ll also have instant pharmacy discounts, ID theft protection, free tax preparation, legal help, credit counseling, on line shopping and access to the optional benefit of a multitude of insurance programs where most programs you can purchase on line without talking to an agent.