Welcome to Sure Card Benefits Plus

Sure Card Benefits Plus is your one stop optional Members Benefit that offers health insurance and income protection products just like what’s offered through a traditional workplace plan. Benefits Plus products are more affordable. We pass on the group savings to you! Benefits Plus products also allow for a more open eligibility – everyone can get coverage. Could it be any simpler?

Sure Card Benefits Plus will be adding top-rated benefits as they become available through our insurance companies. Currently Sure Card Benefits* includes:

Guarantee Issue Limited Medical
Term insurance
Accident Plans
Call a Doctor
Medical GAP Plans
The Business Advantage
Revolutionary Benefits/Life
Auto/Home/Renters Insurance

Cancer Insurance
Pet Insurance
Dental Plans
Medical Malpractice Insurance
Request a Quote
Indexed Universal Life
Luther Sales
Disability Insurance

Check back often as we add more in-demand products at prices you and your family can afford.

IMPORTANTThis is an Optional Members Only benefit – once you enter the Code Number supplied by your Agent and insert your first and last name you will be sent to a password page. Use the password you received in your Fulfillment Package when joining Sure Card Benefits to continue.

*Some of the products in Sure Card Benefits Plus may not be available in all states

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    Sure Card Benefits Enrollment

    If you work for a company or organization, whether public or private, that utilizes Sure Card Benefits for their benefits, please use the box below. Please fill in the name of your employer or organization and insert the Enrollment Number your agent gave you. It is also the number that is on the informational literature you received from your employer. After you have done this, click the Submit button to be directed to your custom benefits page.