How would you like to sell insurance while you’re sleeping?

It happens. How would you like to send out an email to Sure Card Members explaining one of your products with a link to that product and sell policies without talking to them.

  • Are you paying for leads?
  • Are they expensive?
  • Are they any good?
  • Are they automatically set for you?
  • Do you want free leads?

You can have all of this and more with Sure Card Benefits Plus.

One place for all your insurance needs…One place for people to go and buy insurance, with or without you!

Products like this:

  • Guarantee Issue Limited Medical
  • Term insurance
  • Accident Plans
  • Call a Doctor Plus
  • Medical GAP Plans
  • The Business Advantage
  • Revolutionary Benefits/Life
  • Auto/Home/Renters Insurance
  • Vacationwiser
  • Health insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Dental Plans
  • Universal Life
  • Request a Quote
  • AdvanTax
  • Whole Life
  • Short Term Medical
  • Premier Benefits

Only to name a few.

All the products you need to succeed, right here at Sure Card Benefits Plus.

All the insurance products in the “Plus” section are either self-enrolled or the person will fill out a form with their name, address, email, phone and the best time to call – a real lead!

You can sell corporate, group or individual. Payroll deduction, ACH or credit card. Products can even be customized for a group or organization. If you have a group we will put that group on the Sure Card website in a special area, assign them a code and put all the products that group choose in that area and the group can go there individually and buy the product of their choosing, 24/7 – with or without you.

The “Plus” even has those special products like Executive Bonus (The Business Advantage), Pension Maximization, Split Annuities (AdvanTax), Tax Sheltered Annuities (for non-profits) Worksite products and even TPA’s to help you do payroll deduction.

We even have complete marketing plans like Revolutionary Life – for groups or individuals. (ask about it, you’ll be glad you did)

Every Sure Card Benefits sale is a lead for insurance products, many agents hire Sure Card Benefits Member Reps to sell Memberships, the rep make a commission on the Membership and because the agent is the one licensed to sell insurance, they make the commission on insurance sales – a constant steam of leads.

It’s all here and like the Sure Card Benefits Plan – you’re only limited by your imagination.

Click Here to sign up with Sure Card Benefits. In the Business Focus, let us know that you’re insurance licensed and we’ll contact you and tell you more about the opportunity.