So, How Much Can You Make With Sure Card Benefits?

You can make as much money as you want to, the sky’s the limit. The reason people are in sales is they get paid for what they do. But here is an example:

  • If you were to sell 100 Memberships your first month and for an example you made $2.00 per sale ($2.00 is an example only, could be higher or lower) then you are making $200 a month.
  • If you were to repeat that the next month you would make $200 for the previous month and $200 for the current month. So, beginning the 3rd month you will be making $400 a month.
  • If you take that out for an entire year, beginning the first month of the next year (12 months) you would be making $2400 a month before you sold anything that month!
  • Of course it’s up to you, we give you all the ammunition but you have to fire the gun.

Where Can You Sell Sure Card Benefits?

You can sell Sure Card Benefits anywhere in the United States!
That’s right, all 50 states and it’s all done on line, from sales to sign up!

You can recruit (we’ll talk more about that later) or sell anywhere, it’s up to you, it all depends on what you want to do. We’ll help you all along the way, with complete training, business cards, posters, proposals, flyers – everything you’ll need to succeed!

And remember, there is no special licensing to sell Sure Card, (check with your city or county) so nothing is holding you back! AND Sure Card Benefits IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM)

Who Can You Sell Sure Card Benefits To?

You can sell Sure Card Benefits to anyone young or old, but here’s a few suggestions:


Any size and located locally, regionally or nationally. Associations are always looking for “non-dues revenue” and they are always looking for ways to keep their members happy and ways to procure new members – enter Sure Card Benefits!

Sure Card has all the benefits people are looking for at a price that can’t be beat. Whether they need ID Theft, a great Legal Plan or someone to do their taxes – Sure Card is the answer AND the association can make money at the same time!

Sure Card will supply the link that will go on the associations web site, answer all the questions, handle all the payments and do the fulfillment – all the association has to do is sit back and make money.

Oh, and by the way, so do you. If you are at that same $2.00 we used earlier, and you paid the Association $1.50 and the association sold 1000 (that would be a small number for a regional or national association) the association would make $2000 a month – every month and you would make $500 a month – every month, $6000 a year.


Companies of all sizes are looking for benefits for their employees, why not Sure Card Benefits! Where else can their employees get all these great benefits for only $10.95 month? We have custom proposals for you to give to the companies that describe all the benefits in detail and we can provide posters, paper applications (if necessary) on line enrollment and different payment options including payroll deduction, debit cards and credit cards. Oh, and the commissions from the sales are all yours, so you’d get to keep the entire $2.00 per member, per month.


You know the old saying, “where else can you buy a dollar box of candy for ten dollars!” – at a fundraiser, of course. And who wants a box of candy, Christmas wrap, chocolate bars, and the list goes on. These are products no one really wants, but they want to support their organization, so why not have that group sell something that everyone needs – the products in Sure Card!

The big plus, other than the price of Sure Card, is that organization will make the amount they raise every month, normally its sell something, get the money, spend it and do another fundraiser. Not any longer, they can have money coming in all year long. We have all the forms, agreements, posters, everything you’ll need to do a fundraiser.

Just for an example let’s use a school. This school has 1000 students and only 500 take part. So what would that mean to the school and you. Well, the parents would buy one, each parent has a brother or sister, that’s three, and we have grandparents, that’s five and or course there’s the neighbor that would buy one – that’s six. We won’t count other neighbors, people at church, where the parents work, etc. and still its $4500 a month for the school and $1500 a month for you – how many schools, church’s, church schools, booster clubs, the list goes on and on are in your county?


I mention hospitals separately from companies because inside of Sure Card Benefits in the Sure Card Benefits Plus section there’s Medical Malpractice insurance for all employees except physicians. The hospital would be interested in the benefits in Sure Card just like any other company, but they would especially like the Malpractice insurance.

There are many groups that would be interested in Sure Card Benefits, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Would You Like To Own Your Own Business?

You can do it with Sure Card Benefits. We have everything you need – business cards, posters, proposals, flyers, a web site to sell and recruit from, training and the opportunity to hire your own people, if you want to. If you have someone that you feel would be a good candidate for Sure Card and you have a managers contract, you can send that person to the Sure Card site and have them sign up using your Sure Card number and you’re on your way to building a salesforce.

Working with Sure Card is rewarding and simple, we even handle all the payment processing and the fulfillment. This equals your own business, without all the headaches.

There are many more ways Sure Card Benefits can help you too be financially successful, but the first step begins with you, if you want to work with us Click Here and start the process that could change your life.

There’s one more step you can do with Sure Card Benefits, and that’s Sure Card Benefits Plus. If you are insurance licensed you can use Sure Card in ways you never thought possible. If you want to learn more about the “Plus” Click Here