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Cancer Insurance

How about one of the best Cancer Plan available at group rates! Yes, because you are a member of Sure Card Benefits you can enroll in one of the best cancer plans available at group rates!

Benefits like no-maximum Radiation and Chemo, just to name one and a list of other benefits, just Click Here to see the informative brochure. But how much can you save because of the group rates?

Plan C –

Monthly non-group individual

Ages 45 – 54 = $66.18
Group pricing = $47.70
A monthly savings of = $18.48

Monthly non-group 2 parent family

Ages 45 – 54 = $106.25
Group Pricing = $76.77
A Monthly Savings Of = $29.48

Not a member? With the enrollment code, membership is only $10.95 a month! Your monthly savings because of the group pricing will more than pay for your membership.

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Are you looking for reasonable health coverage? How about Guarantee Issue health coverage! Because you are a member of Sure Card Benefits you have it!

Daily room benefit, Lump sum Indemnity, Intensive Care, Private Duty nurse, surgical, Anesthesia, Emergency Accident – only to name a few coverages.

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