All the benefits listed in the “Services” section – ID Theft, Credit Counseling, Points of Care, Legal Care, Tax Plan, Savings Outlet and Financial Wellness, can be yours today but joining Sure Card Benefits.

To enroll in this exciting membership program membership dues of only $14.95/mo and a onetime $10 Activation Fee ($24.95 first month) will be automatically deducted from your choice of credit card, debit card, or payroll deduction (if available), monthly.

If you received an informational postcard, email or flyer with an enrollment code or an enrollment code from a representative of Sure Card Benefits, please put that code where indicated when joining. Entering this code will eliminate the $10 Activation Fee.

If you do not have an enrollment code enter the code a0001.

You will receive your Membership Kit in email form and ready for you to use after your Membership has been accepted and filed.

Please verify that you are not a spam BOT and enter your First and Last Name and the enrollment code in the boxes below. Thank you for your cooperation.