How Do I Get My Sure Card Benefits Membership For FREE? . . . .

All the products and services in Sure Card Benefits are wanted and needed and they are designed to save you money – but how much could Sure Card Benefits save you? With a Membership price of only $10.95 a month (using an enrollment code) it’s a real bargain that’s hard to beat! Let’s look at a few of the products in Sure Card Benefits and see how much you’ll save.

  • By getting your free Standard Will you would be saving the nationwide average cost of $1425. Your Membership annual cost is approximately $132, you’ll save enough to pay for your Membership for about 11 years!
  • Using the free tax preparation of a 1040 you would save the nationwide average cost of $273. Your Membership annual cost is approximately $132, you’ll save enough to pay for your Membership for a little over 2 years?
  • The national average per hour rate for an attorney is $389. Using our Legal Plan you’re guaranteed that the hourly rate will never be more than $125! That will save you $264 an hour! A one-hour savings will pay your Membership for a little over 2 years!
  • Because of a Membership in Sure Card you’ll be able to get one of the best Cancer Plans in the country at group rates. So, what does that mean to you?

Plan C –

Monthly non-group individual pricing
Ages 45 – 54 =  $66.18
Group Pricing = $47.70
A Monthly Savings Of . . $18.48

Monthly non-group 2 parent family
Ages 45 – 54 = $106.25
Group pricing = $76.77
A Monthly Savings Of . . $29.48

You’ll save enough money with the premium savings between the individual rate versus the group rate your membership will be paid for!

  • Do you understand the benefits you have with your employer? How about your 401k, 403b, 457, or TSP, do you understand those retirement plans? Don’t feel badly if you don’t, you’re in the majority. Working in conjunction with our affiliate company NMIN Alliance and NMIN Advisor utilizing our Financial Wellness program you’ll gain that understanding. You’ll have your benefits explained to you in a way you’ll understand, the NMIN Advisor will go over all your benefits and make suggestions on what to keep and what not to. You’ll know how your 401k, 403b, 457 or TSP works and how to use it to your advantage. This service alone will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and its available at no charge to Sure Card Members.

These are but a few of the ways just by using your Sure Card Benefits you can pay for your Membership. Year after year you’ll save money and feel better about your financial situation

So, how do you get your Sure Card Membership FREE? . . . Just use it! – Join Today!

Why Do You Need These Membership Products?

ID Theft – its real and it happens every day and it could happen to you – get the protection before it’s too late!

Tax Plan – Do you do your taxes every year? Do you do them or does someone else. Are you doing them correctly? How about the tax preparer? AND how much does it cost you? If you’re a member of Sure Card Benefits – your taxes are done for free!

Legal Plan – Free Will, Free Trust, never pay more than $125 an hour for legal help, discounts and much more, And, it’s not a multi-level plan!

Rx Plan, Savings Outlet and Credit Counseling all these benefits for $10.95 a month (with enrollment code) ID Theft by itself may cost that, or maybe more!

Sure Card Benefits Plus

If you take advantage of Sure Card Benefits Plus and purchase an insurance product, there is a link for every company where you can check on your policy, change payments or just ask questions about your insurance policy.

Do you understand insurance? Most people don’t. Are you interested in learning how insurance works? Just Click Here, and read at your leisure.
This is NOT a sales site, you will not be pressured to buy any insurance product, this is for information only.

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